Do YOU Need a Universal Studios Japan Express Pass?

Deciding whether to buy the Express Pass for Universal Studios Japan isn’t always an easy decision – after all, it adds quite a bit to the entry price, particularly for a family. So, how do you decide if the Universal Studios Japan Express Pass is worth it for you to buy it (not anyone else, you).

These are the questions to ask…

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Line drawing representing the main train lines in Osaka

Is the Enjoy Eco Pass Worth Using in Osaka?

There are a lot of different transport passes in Japan and while most travellers know about the Japan Rail Pass that can save you money on longer, bullet train trips, it can be hard to work out which of the smaller passes might work on your trip. Well that’s where we come in as we’re … Read more

Image of the tower in Osaka with bright coloured lanterns in the foreground

Can You Save Money with the Osaka Amazing Pass?

The Osaka Amazing Pass sounds like a super useful pass to have in Osaka. Not only does it allow you to travel for ‘free’ around this fantastic city, it also gives free entry or discounts to a number of Osaka’s best attractions – but, will you save money with the Osaka Amazing Pass on your … Read more