Do You Have to Carry Your Passport in Japan?

If you normally put your passport in your hotel safe as soon as you reach your hotel room, and leave it safely there until it’s time to leave, it might shock you to find out that all tourists must carry their passport with at all times in Japan – no exceptions. Here’s what you need to know…

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Do YOU Need a Universal Studios Japan Express Pass?

Deciding whether to buy the Express Pass for Universal Studios Japan isn’t always an easy decision – after all, it adds quite a bit to the entry price, particularly for a family. So, how do you decide if the Universal Studios Japan Express Pass is worth it for you to buy it (not anyone else, you).

These are the questions to ask…

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Do You Need a JR Pass in Tokyo? The Simple Answer…

A Japan Rail Pass is a fantastic way to save money on transport in Japan, but, many people get confused about when you need one, and, if you need one, particularly if you’re spending most of your time in Tokyo, so, here’s what you need to know about using a JR Pass in Tokyo.

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