line of scarlett torii gates lining a staircase at Hie Shrine, Tokyo

The 10 Best Shrines and Temples in Tokyo – For Every Traveler

When you think of temples in Japan, you probably think of Kyoto – after all, it does have some jaw-dropping gold ones, ‘silver’ ones, and even one with hundreds of bright red torii gates – but that doesn’t mean you won’t find some beautiful or interesting shrines and temples in Tokyo too. Like these…

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senso-ji tmeple tokyo with it's red gate and pagaoda. A cherry blossom tree is in front

The 10 Top Things to do in Tokyo – on Your First Trip.

What should you see in Tokyo? That could be a very long list. The city is huge and full of amazing sights – but, if it’s your first trip to Tokyo, there are a few things you really shouldn’t miss. So, here’s our list of the top 10 things to do in Tokyo – on your first visit.

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How to Have a Perfect Day Trip to Nikko (with our local tips)

Nikko is one of the most popular day trips from Tokyo – but with just one day to spend in the town, what should you do? We asked a local expert for his best tips on what to see in Nikko in one day – and also where to shop, and what and where to eat. Don’t plan your Nikko day trip without it.

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shot inside a bookstore showing shelves of colourful books

Best Tokyo Guidebooks For Your Type of Travel

When looking for a guidebook to help you plan your Tokyo trip it’s important to find one that suits the type of traveler you are. So we scoured the shelves and found the best Tokyo travel book for foodies, shoppers, those with kids, those visiting Tokyo for the very first time, confused or nervous travelers – and more.

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Author Jonelle Patrick stands in front a bookcase with a small teapot and cup

One Perfect Day in Tokyo – by author Jonelle Patrick

There’s nothing like some local advice to find the absolute best places to see in a destination – and in this post, we’ve got some amazing tips from author Jonelle Patrick, who sets her books in Tokyo, as to how to spend the perfect one day in Tokyo. Don’t miss it.

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