Do YOU Need a Universal Studios Japan Express Pass?

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Helen Foster

Deciding whether to buy the Express Pass for Universal Studios Japan isn’t always an easy decision – after all, it adds quite a bit to the entry price, particularly for a family. So, how do you decide if the Universal Studios Japan Express Pass is worth it for you to buy it (not anyone else, you).

These are the questions to ask…

Hogwarts Castle at Universal Studios Japan. It's located on top of a cliff surrounded by pine trees

Article by Helen Foster. Disclosure: Some links in this post are affiliate links. See our Affiliate Disclosure.

What is the Universal Japan Express Pass?

I’m guessing you already know this as you’re investigating whether it’s worth having, but, just to make sure we’re all on the same page, the USJ Express Pass is an extra pass that you can buy alongside your entry ticket that lets you spend less time queuing for certain rides.

Exactly which rides depends on which pass you choose which means some passes are better suited to some travelers than others.

If this is news to you, go back a step and read our guide to how USJ tickets work so you don’t make any mistakes.

Why Might It Be Needed?

Because Universal Studios Japan is the world’s 5th busiest theme park – in 2019, an estimated 14.1 million people passed through the gates, compare that to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida which saw an estimated 9.14 million people visitors the same year and you’ll get an idea of how busy it might be sometimes.

Add to this the fact that the Japanese are incredibly patient theme park guests.

They think nothing of standing in a queue for 3 hours to go on a ride, or camping out half the day to see a show and, that means queues can get very long – and if you’re unlucky you can spend all day in the park and only go on a handful of rides.

The picture below was taken outside the park just before 3pm on a Sunday as people started to queue for the afternoon entry – the morning crowds can be 5 times higher than this and fill that whole area.

The result is that the pressure to buy the Express Pass to try and cut down those wait times can be pretty overwhelming.

That’s why most posts like this say that Express Passes are essential for USJ, but, having spent a lot of time weighing up myself whether I was going to need one on my trip, I think it’s a bit more complex than that and while some travelers will benefit from an Express Pass, others might not need one.

How to Decide if a USJ Express Pass is Worth It

So, which traveller are you…do YOU really need to buy one or can you get away with a basic entry ticket? And, if you do need one, which one?

These are the questions I think you need to consider to make the right choice for you…

1. Are You Going For Super Nintendo World™?

Super Nintendo World™ is the newest attraction at Universal Studios Japan. It opened in March 2021 and it’s immensely popular.

The picture below was from when I went on a low-season Monday and it’s the queue to meet Mario and Luigi who had just come out to meet people – it’s pretty big yet it’s only a fraction of the people in Super Nintendo World at that point.

To try and control the crowd levels, USJ therefore operate what’s known as a timed-entry system to Super Nintendo World™, and, while it’s still possible to access this without an Express Pass (see our box below, or our detailed breakdown on how to get timed entry to Super Nintendo World for details on how you do this) if it’s a very busy day or, you’re a bit late, you might miss your chance.

View overlooking Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan showing the queue to meet Mario and Luigi

However, when you buy certain entry passes or Express Passes you not only get a timed-entry slot to enter Super Nintendo World™, but also get to jump the queue on at least one of the two SNW-themed rides Yoshi’s Adventure and Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge™, queues for these can be very long.

Therefore, if your main reason for visiting USJ is to do everything in Super Nintendo World™ and your trip is going to be ruined if that doesn’t happen, then you might want to buy an entry pass, or Express Pass that includes it. Right now, when the land is so incredibly popular it’s just not worth missing out.

The Best Passes for Super Nintendo World™ are…

The Klook Studio Pass with SWN Entry.

If you buy your USJ entry ticket (aka the Studio Pass) from Klook, there is a version of this that includes an add-on that gives you timed entry to Super Nintendo World for just an extra few bucks (although it doesn’t help you skip any queues).

It’s called the Super Nintendo World + Studio Pass

Not surprisingly these are selling out the day they go on sale as it allows guaranteed entry for about AU$30 more than the base prices, so if you want one, get in fast.

This pass isn’t available every day. I asked Klook why this is and they told me they get their allocation from USJ and if all the times are already allocated the SWN+ pass isn’t available. If you don’t see it listed then that’s what’s happened, if you do see it – snap it up quickly.

Exterior of the Yoshi's Adventure ride in Super Nintendo World, USJ. Little yoshi shaped cars trundle around the track at the top of the land

The Express Pass 7

The two main rides inside Super Nintendo World are Yoshi’s Adventure (a cute omni-mover ride with Yoshi cars and cute toadstools) and Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge. This is a bit more jolty and includes augmented reality and a game.

The Express Pass 7 is the only pass that allows you to queue jump on them both. It also lets you jump the queue on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, Flight of the Hippogriff, Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem, The Flying Dinosaur and either Hollywood Dream or JAWS.

Express Pass 4s for Super Nintendo World

Your other option is to pick one of the Express Pass 4s that get you into Super Nintendo World and let you jump the queue for one of the rides.

These are a bit more complicated as they all include different rides or shows, but, for Super Nintendo World™, consider the ones below. Three include Yoshi’s Adventure and three include Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge™.

Note: Right now the Express 4 passes on sale are focused on the pop-up attractions for Cool Japan – the exact ride combinations below may not be available for your dates if different rides or shows are planned.

If You’d Prefer to Queue Jump on Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge

Limited – which includes timed Super Nintendo World™ entry and four rides including Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge™ plus Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™, Demon Slayer, and My Hero Academia.

Limited Variety Ride – which includes timed Super Nintendo World™ entry and four rides including Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge™, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™, Demon Slayer, and either Hollywood Dream, Jaws or the Flying Dinosaur.

Fun Variety – which includes timed Super Nintendo World™ entry and four rides including Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge™, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™, Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem, and JAWS™.

Looking out into Super Nintendo World from one of the shops inside. The door is shaped like a giant M for Mario

If You’d Prefer to Queue Jump on Yoshi’s Adventure pick

Limited and Variety Choice – which includes timed Super Nintendo World™ entry and four rides including Yoshi’s Adventure, My Hero Academia, Detective Conan Live Show, JAWS™.

Limited and Variety Choice – which includes timed Super Nintendo World™ entry and four rides including Yoshi’s Adventure, Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem, Conan 4D Live Show, and JAWS™.

Fun Choice – which includes Super Nintendo World™ entry and four rides including Yoshi’s Adventure, Flight of the Hippogriff™, Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem, and JAWS™.

2. Are You Going For Harry Potter?

Then, it might not be so essential to get a pass.

When it first opened the Harry Potter section of the park also had timed entry, but, as I write this this is no longer the case, you can go into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ at any time of day.

You won’t need the pass to wander around the shops and restaurants at Hogsmeade, to play with the wands or to see shows like the Frog Choir. There is also normally a walk through the castle, but as I write this it’s closed.

Exterior of Honeydukes shop in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in USJ. It has snow on the roof, pink signs that say Honeydukes Homemade Sweets and a green door

If you want to ride the rides in The Wizarding World though, and don’t want to spend much time queuing, you might want to still buy an Express Pass that includes these.

The Best Express Passes for Potterheads

The Universal Pass 4 Backdrop

This is the cheapest pass that includes both rides in the Wizarding World – Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ and Flight of the Hippogriff™.

It also includes shorter queue entry to either Hollywood Dream, The Ride and The Flying Dinosaur. It DOES NOT give you guaranteed entry to Super Nintendo World.

The Express Pass 7

Or you’re happy to splash out, the Universal 7 Express Pass also offers faster entry to both the rides in Wizarding World and gives you timed entry to Super Nintendo World™ – along with shorter queues for the two rides inside and The Flying Dinosaur, Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem and either Hollywood Dream or JAWS.

3. Are You Going For The Thrill Rides?

These are the rides that have the biggest queues. So, the question is will you feel your day (and entrance fee) is wasted if you don’t ride them all?

If so, I’d say buy some form of Express Pass to ensure you get on them all especially if you’re a late riser or going on a busy day (see more below).

Best Express Passes for Thrill Seekers

The Express 7

This includes all the thrilling rides in the park right now – Flying Dinosaur, Hollywood Dream, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ and Flight of the Hippogriff™. If you want to ride all of the above, you will save a LOT of time if you have an Express Pass that includes them all.

Express Pass 4s for Thrillseekers

Right now, the best Express Pass 4 for thrillseekers is the Express Pass 4 Backdrop which includes The Flying Dinosaur, Hollywood Dream Backdrop, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ and Flight of the Hippogriff™. It does not get you into Super Nintendo World™.

The Jurassic Park at Universal Studios Japan at the end of the drop making a big splash

Check the Maintenance Calendar

If you are going to buy an Express Pass for the thrill rides, then make sure that all the good ones are running.

The Jurassic Park ride is having a long period of maintenance right now, which is why it’s not included in any pass, but if rides are only short for a short period you can still buy passes that include them – but, you’d be super annoyed if you’d paid out for the most expensive pass to ride those and they weren’t working.

Obviously, things can go wrong any day (The Flying Dinosaur had a few hours out of action the other day) but, you’ll find the advance closure calendar here. Make sure the rides you’re buying your pass to use are definitely running.

If you’re not that bothered if you ride everything, and don’t mind standing in a few queues, then, Questions 4 and 5 are probably the next deciding factors as to whether you should buy a pass or not.

4. How Early Do You Like to Get Up?

You know when the Florida theme parks put their entry time on their website and you therefore think ‘okay, I’ll turn up 10 minutes before and hit rope drop’ – forget that my friend.

While the fact that the Japanese train system is punctual to a second, when it comes to theme park opening times, it’s the Wild West out there.

They regularly open early – and not 5-10 minutes early, it can be up to an hour early.

When the park is due to open at 9 am it’s therefore recommended that you’re outside the gates ready to go at 7.30. Avoids making ‘crack of dawn’ joke above a picture of minion eggs.

Minion display in Universal Studios Japan - there are minion shaped Easter bunnies and a unicorn

If you do this, you can, if you walk very briskly (I’m not going to say run but…) it’s possible to get into Super Nintendo World™ before they instigate timed entry – or, you can book your timed entry on the app as soon as you get through the gates.

If you’re aiming for one of the other areas in the park, you’ll be able to get there and get on at least one ride, maybe two, before queue times increase.

This will put you ahead of the pack for the rest of the day.

What Does This Mean About Express Passes?

Getting up early doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from an Express Pass as having a pass will still help you access shorter queues later in the day – but, if you decide not to buy one, arriving early is pretty much essential if you want to see Super Nintendo World™.

If you are not an early riser. If you want to get to the park after your breakfast and a lot of coffee, and you don’t want to stand in long queues, or it’ll bother you if you have to miss half the park or Super Nintendo World™, then consider an Express Pass, particularly if it’s a busy day – and make sure you book your timed entry to Super Nintendo World™ later in the day.

Which brings us nicely to…

5. What Day of the Week Are You Going?

The busiest days for Universal Studios Japan are Saturday and Sunday – not surprisingly – but Friday and Monday also see a knock-on effect from weekend travelers.

If you’re going on a weekend, you’ll be more likely to benefit from an Express Pass than someone going on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday which are the quieter days.

Exact numbers fluctuate with seasons, public holidays and any special events in the park.

To get an estimated number of people for the exact day you’re visiting, then use the USJ Crowd Calculator which shows you how many people are likely to be there the day you’re visiting.

It’s in Japanese so you’ll need to use Google Translate, but as a rule, the lighter the colour the fewer the people – if you find a white day, rearrange your whole schedule to make that your park day and you probably won’t need an Express Pass (and if it’s a black one, stay home – or, definitely buy an Express Pass).

Need Extra Planning Help?

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6. Are You Going Solo?

There are a lot of rides at USJ which have a single-rider line.

For those not up on their theme park lingo, if you use a single rider line you’re basically used to fill up rows of seats – so, if a ride is three abreast and a couple get on, rather than sending the ride out with one seat empty, they pull someone from the single rider line.

Because most people visiting theme parks, especially the Japanese parks, want to ride the ride with their friends or loved ones, single-rider lines are normally shorter than the regular lines – so, you might wait 20-30 minutes rather than an hour or two. I got on JAWS™ in 5 minutes using the single rider queue on a less busy day – which meant I could use that slot in my Express Pass for Hollywood Dream which has much longer queues.

Giant model shark hangs outside the JAWS ride at Universal Studios Japan

This might mean you don’t need an Express Pass if most of the rides you really want to do have single rider lines (or you could buy a cheaper Express 4 Pass that includes just your ‘must dos’ and take your chances on the others)

It is a gamble though – sometimes they switch off single-rider lines and you’ll be forced to join the normal queue.

Which Rides at USJ Have Single Rider Lines?

At the time of writing, they can be available for these rides…

Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™, Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem, Elmo’s GoGo Skateboard, Hollywood Dream, The Flying Dinosaur, Space Fantasy, Jurassic Park and JAWS™

That’s pretty much everything I want to go on! I’d only need an Express Pass that covers Flight of the Hippogriff™ and Yoshi’s Adventure – but, as I said, it is a gamble – and there’s the Super Nintendo World™ entry thing again!

Just in case any of these change before your trip, get an up-to-date single rider list here.

7. Are you Traveling with Little Kids?

Most of the rides associated with the Express Passes are the big thrill rides that little kids aren’t going to be able to ride, so you probably won’t need an Express Pass – unless they want to go into Super Nintendo World™ and you can’t buy the Klook pass.

It’s essential to check the height requirements for any tweens before you buy passes to make sure they are tall enough to ride all the included rides. Ones to check carefully include Hollywood Dream, The Flying Dinosaur, and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ as those have the taller requirements

Many of the rides also require smaller kids to be with an adult or older child.

Find the list of line requirements here.

If adults want to ride, but kids don’t, then you can use child swap, but it’s still a good idea to have an Express Pass for the adults to cut down the wait time.

Elmo stands outside the children's ride area at Universal Studios Japan

Queuing with Little Kids

Most of the rides aiming at much smaller children only have a 5-10 minute wait most of the day, but, even then, there are two other ways to organise your queuing time with small children.


Yoyakunori, also known as Reserve and Ride, let’s you book times on some of the rides more suited to smaller children.

It’s used like the Fastpass used to be in Florida Disney parks.

You can do it on the Flying Snoopy, Elmo’s Bubble Bubble, Moppy’s Balloon Trip and Elmo’s GoGo Skateboard.

Find the Yoyakunouri machines in the park, scan the entry ticket of each person who wants to ride and you’ll be given the choice of time. Pick the one you want and then just turn up at that time.

This video shows you how to find and use the machines.

As with the old Disney Fastpass you can only hold one Yoyakunori ticket at a time, so you need to wait for your first time to expire before you book a second one.

Child swap area at Universal Studios Japan

Child Swap

This doesn’t allow you to skip the queue entirely, but, it does mean that adults don’t have to queue twice if they want to go on a ride that your little one can’t.

One adult goes on while the other holds the child, then, when the first adult comes back, number two gets to go on the ride.

A full list of rides that offer child switch is here – but it’s most of the big ones.

7. How Many Days Can You Spend in the Parks?

This one is pretty obvious, but if you have more time in the park your need for an Express Pass diminishes as you won’t be rushing to try and do everything in a short period.

So, how does pricing compare for a multi-day pass compared to a single-day pass with an Express Pass – the prices below are in Australian dollars for passes today as that’s what I can see, but they may vary for your date.

The Studio Pass for one day costs $57.66 and an Express Pass 7 costs $192.85 – a total of $250.51

A 2-Day pass costs AU$171.50, so about A$80 less. Or there is also a 1.5-Day pass which costs AU$137.79 – over $100 less.

What is the 1.5 Day Pass?

With this pass you can go in the park at 3 pm the first day and stay until closing (riding lots of the smaller rides with shorter queues and having a wander about), and then have a full day in the park the next day where you arrive early and hit Super Nintendo World™.

I used this on my last trip and that was my strategy, but, I also managed to snag a 6 pm entry to Super Nintendo World™ as well (possibly because it was a rainy day so the park wasn’t busy) so don’t assume you won’t get in on this half day.

If you can spend more than one day in the park and don’t mind getting there early (to ensure your Super Nintendo World™ entry) and, standing in a couple of potentially long queues as the day goes on, you probably don’t need an Express Pass.

8. Are You on A Budget?

Okay, Budget might be a relative term as nothing about going to USJ is cheap – but, if you are, but you still don’t want to spend all day in a queue, I would suggest trying for the Klook Super Nintendo+ entry ticket and combining this with the Express Pass 4 Backdrop which includes The Flying Dinosaur, Hollywood Dream Backdrop, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ and Flight of the Hippogriff™ for the best bang for your buck.

9. Are You Over 6ft 4?

While you might be used to having minimum height requirements, USJ also has a maximum height requirement on two rides -The Flying Dinosaur and Flight of the Hippogriff™.

If you’re over 198cm (6ft 5ish) for Flying Dinosaur or 195cm (6ft 4ish) for Hippogriff then you might not be able to ride.

If you do decide to buy an Express Pass, that might make a difference as to which pass you choose to buy.

Flight of the Hippogriff coaster at Universal Studios Japan

What About Plus Sized People

The rides in theme parks in Japan are sized to the more petite frame of Japanese people so you might be wondering what happens if you’re ‘Pooh-Sized’, to steal a Disney terminology.

USJ actually caters for Western figures pretty well and I haven’t heard about anyone being turned away. Disney rides can run a little bit smaller, but, that’s another post entirely.

If You’re Still Undecided…

See how things play out in real-time for a bit.

You can get a rough idea of wait times by checking the Universal Studios Japan App which you can download in advance.

To give you a clue as to how things play out, when I first typed this, it was 11.30 am Japanese time on a Wednesday on a day with a predicted crowd of 15,000 – so a quiet day.

As I sit at my desk in Sydney, I can see that the queues for The Flight of the Hippogriff™is 50 minutes, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ is 20 minutes (quick, run), Mario Kart:Koopa’s Challenge™ is 80 minutes, Yoshi’s Adventure is 50 minutes. The Flying Dinosaur wasn’t yet running.

That’s not too bad.

I checked back in again at 3.30 Japanese time and the Flying Dinosaur was at 120 minutes, Mario Kart was at 150, Flight of the Hippogriff was at 90 and Yoshi’s Adventure was 65 minutes. That sounds less fun…

Doing this was the deciding factor for me. Even though I was going solo and had a 1.5-Day pass, I used an Express Pass too. I was going on a Sunday and a Monday so crowds were looking bigger and while the morning queues were fine, the afternoon ones were not so good.

I decided that if they cut the Single Rider Lines I’d regret not spending the money. I also wasn’t sure about the early morning run to Super Nintendo World™ so I preferred to have my entrance guaranteed – and, as I got lost and didn’t get to the park until gone 10am, that’s a good thing! .

So, those are all the things I think you need to consider when deciding if a USJ Express Pass is going to be worth it for you.

A Final Notes About Buying Your Passes

You can either buy your passes via Universal Studios Japan’s website, or via a third party like Klook

I use Klook links through this piece as they sell the special SNW tickets and their website plays better with foreign credit cards. See more about that in our guide on where to buy your USJ tickets here).

So, whether you’ve decided to buy an Express Pass or just stick with basic Studio Pass Entry then you’ll find the options and prices here…

What did you decide, and did you consider anything else while deciding that might help other people decide what to do?

Join our USJ Facebook Group and let me know – it’s also the best place to ask any further questions you might have.

Have you joined our Japlanease Facebook Group yet? It’s the perfect place to ask questions and get answers from me, and other Japan fans and travelers. Join it here.

Who Writes This Blog?

My name is Helen Foster, and I’m a journalist and author. My travel articles have appeared in publications including The Australian, RAC Horizons, Jetstar Magazine, Sainsbury’s Magazine, and more.

I’ve traveled to Japan five times before- solo and with my partner – and I’ve just returned from trip six in June 2023. So, everything here is pretty up to date.

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  1. Hi, thank you for this post, it was really helpful. Is it true that the timed entry system is not need anymore to visit the Harry Potter part? I ended up buying an express pass and it included a timed entry, even on the official website it comes up as an option to choose a time slot. If it’s not necessary anymore it would be a plus because I didn’t get the time slot I wanted 🙁

    • They say it’s generally no longer necessary – but, they still offer it as an option when you buy a ticket as they can reintroduce it. The benefit of this is, that if for any reason they have temporarily re-introduced it – perhaps if the park is very busy during Golden Week or something, you do have a confirmed time slot to enter (even if it isn’t perfect). So, if it’s a normal day, with no timed entry, you won’t be turned away, but if timed entry is on, you’ll definitely get in at that slot. Hope that makes sense.
      Also, just in case it’s helpful, we know have a group on facebook where you can also ask questions – and hopefully, once more people join, also get replies for people other than me who might have been to the parks recently. Here’s the link just in case that’s helpful

  2. Hi! This was a very helpful article. I was all set to buy all four of us express passes, but hadn’t realised these are in addition to the general park entry?? The main think my two teens want to do is the JUJUTSU KAISEN the Real 4D experience, which can only be booked by paying for a $160AU each express ticket. Worth it? Would love your thoughts!

    • I haven’t done that ride yet, but what I can see is the wait time which currently is 50 minutes at about 4pm in the afternoon Japan time. That’s normally peak time for wait times, but it is a Thursday which is a quieter day. So, I guess my question back would be are you happy to wait around an hour for that ride? And not worry to much else about what you do… if yes, then the express pass might not be worth it. If you’ll get there and feel bad if you don’t get to do other things, then the express passes are always worth it. If you haven’t downloaded the USJ app yet.maybe do that and just check the wait times for that ride throughout a day and just see how it goes. You might find that one is more manageable than you think. But you just need to weigh up the rest of the day.

  3. it looks like expresses are sold out online for the day I was planning to bring my family (2/27) can you still buy them day off after arrival or does sold out online also mean they won’t have it at the park? thnx

    • If they’re sold out online, they are sold out unfortunately. Did you check USJ direct, Klook and KKDay just in case? But, it is unlikely that any of them would have some for tomorrow. They do sell out far in advance.

  4. Is there a way to buy express passes IN the park when you get there to Universal Japan or can you only buy them ahead of time online? thank you!

    • No. Only a limited number are available each day and they always sell out with people buying them in advance. If that didn’t happen for by reason you’d be able to buy one in the park, but it just doesn’t.

  5. Hi! Thank you for this guide, definitely explains a little more since I was reading other articles after going on the USJ website. It definitely confused me with all the different entry names, I found myself asking what is area timed entry, advance timed entry, themed attraction entry, etc.

    I think I have a good idea of what it is now since I’ve never experienced having to get reserve a entry ticket just just enter that part of a themed area, we always just walked in when in the US theme parks.

    However, we are planning to go during first week of May which to our surprise, is Golden Week. We picked Tuesday since it seems like it might be the least busy of all the other days to go but we’re not too sure… I am heavily contemplating getting the Universal Express Pass 7 : Doraemon XR Ride (new ride that just launched last week) but still going back and forth on getting it or not for my group of 4.

    We plan on going super early to make the morning jog over to SNW, which in that case, at least takes care of 1/2 of the rides with little wait time. However that the pass covers the 2 rides we’d go on in SNW so we’re not too sure if it’s still worth it to get?

    Would love to hear anyone’s input!!

    • If I was going in Golden Week I would not hesitate to get an Express Pass. Double check the crowd calendar I link to in the ‘Do you need an Express Pass Post’ and I think you’ll see it’s a very busy day. Any new ride is also going to have longer queues than normal. Add the two together and you could easily be queuing for 4-5 hours or more just to do 3 rides. I wouldn’t risk it that week.

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