The (Super Useful) Guide to Tokyo Hotels With a Disney Shuttle

If you’re visiting the Disney parks on your Japan trip and want to use a shuttle to get there, where should you stay? Our guide to the Tokyo Hotels with Disney Shuttles helps you decide.

There’s a few different ways that you can reachTokyo Disney Resort on your Japan trip, you have a few different options to get to the park – you can stay at a Disney Hotel which means you’re close enough to walk, or get the onsite monorail; you can stay anywhere in Tokyo and just jump on the train – or, you can pick a hotel with a Disney shuttle that will pick you up outside your hotel and drop you off at the resort.

But what hotels in Tokyo offer a Disney Shuttle – and, which ones are the most convenient to use? We took a look.

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What You’ll Find in This Post

Well it’s not just a list of names – we’ve looked into the things that matter when you’re relying on a shuttle to get you around like….

How regular that shuttle is and how close the hotel is to other transport (just in case you miss the bus or it’s full).

We also give links to all the timetables so you can check the latest times for your trip and tell you how to make reservations for the shuttles that need them.

And, because you don’t JUST book a hotel for it’s shuttle (well, I don’t), we also look at a couple of important points like which of the hotels have rooms for families and a few more important details that can help you determine which hotel is right for you.

How Many Hotels Offer a Shuttle to Tokyo Disney Resort

A lot, is the answer! So far, we’ve found 21 – and there might be a couple of others that we haven’t located yet!

The main types of hotel that offer a shuttle are those run by Disney, or affiliated to Disney in some way. These shuttles are always free and are just some of the additional perks offered by these hotels.

There are four types of hotel in this group – Disney Hotels, Official Hotels, Partner Hotels and Good Neighbor hotels (our next post will explain the differences between these) – and we’ll cover each group separately below.

If you already know what type, or individual hotel, you’re thinking about and don’t want to scan down, then you can jump to the relevant property, or hotel type, via the table of contents here.

1. Hotels Run by Disney With Shuttle Buses

These include the Disney Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo DisneySea Miracosta, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel and Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel.

Not only are these the group with the most Disney perks and theming, most of these hotels are either close enough to walk to the parks, or, are linked in other ways – like the monorail (which is wheelchair accessible if that’s important to your group) – so, if you’re thinking of booking into a Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel that’s actually run by Disney, having a shuttle bus might not be as important to you as other guests.

There are two hotels where the shuttle is commonly used though.

The Disney Ambassador Hotel

This is one of the Deluxe Disney Resorts and even though it’s only a short walk to the JR station and Resort Gateway monorail station, the Disney Ambassador does operate a shuttle bus.

It runs roughly every ten minutes between the hours of 6am-10am and, every 10-15 minutes between 2pm and 11pm. Find the full timetable here.

Rooms and More: Fantastic character theming (you can choose Mickey, Minnie, Stich or Chip and Dale theming in some rooms) and large rooms make this a winner. It’s possible for the Family Room to sleep as many as six (with an extra bed added).

Another big selling point is character dining at the hotel itself.

The Celebration Hotel

This hotel is the more affordable of the hotels run by Disney, and one reason for this is that it’s not as near the park.

In fact, the Celebration Hotel is a 20-minute shuttle bus drive away from the resort – and, is not connected by train, or walkable.

For this hotel, you’re definitely going to want to use the shuttle bus.

The good news is that this runs at ten minute intervals during the peak morning and evening hours when most people want to get to – or from – the park. During the less busy hours, the timetable shows it running every 20 minutes.

They also have buses that will take you to Shin-Urusaya Station if you’re hoping to get into Tokyo itself during your stay.

Rooms and More: The hotel itself still has all the Disney-theming and magic that you love and rooms can accommodate up to five people (depending on type chosen). The smallest rooms are 28 square metres, the largest are 38 square metres.

It has a cafe on site, and there are two nearby convenience stores. You’ll also find a couple of local restaurants within a short walk – and you are surrounded by other hotels which will also offer dining opportunities.

2. Shuttles from Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels

Official Hotels aren’t run by Disney, but they have a close relationship with them.

These include the Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama, Tokyo Bay Maihama First Resort, Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel, Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel, Hilton Tokyo Bay, Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay.

These are as close to the Disney Resort as you can get (in fact, they are nearer than the Celebration Hotel) and, they have the most perks outside of the Disney-run hotels (like onsite ticket purchase).

All of these hotels offer a shuttle bus to Bayside Station where you can get the monorail to the parks.

Most also offer shuttles to the JR Maihama Station which again, accesses the monorail, the main train back to Tokyo or is a short walk from the Disneyland gates.

However, it’s just as quick and easy to walk to Bayside Station and get on the monorail, or, depending on the hotels exact location, you can walk to Disneyland from some of them in as little as 10 minutes.

Does Anyone Offer a Shuttle to the Parks Themselves?

From what I can work out checking the hotel websites, and the signs at the bus stops, there are no shuttle buses to Disneysea from the Official Hotels, and only the Tokyo Bay Maihama First Resort offers a shuttle bus to Disneyland itself.

To be honest, it’s not that much nearer than just getting a shuttle bus to Maihama Station, so I wouldn’t make this the main reason why you book the First Resort over the other hotels – but, as you’ll see below, it does have another unique selling point.

Where to Find the Bus Timetables & More

Here’s where to find the shuttle bus information for each of the hotels, and a bit about each hotel to give you an idea of it’s a good spot for you.

Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama

Runs shuttles to Maihama Station via the Disney Resort Cruiser. They run every 30 minutes outside of peak hours and every 15 minutes in the prime park arrival/departure times. Find the timetable here.

Rooms & More: There are lots of different room types, but, the one with the most beds will sleep up to five people. Lots of the rooms have sea views, others have views of the Disney Parks – and some will even offer views of the nightly fireworks.

Tokyo Bay Maihama First Resort

As I said, this is the only hotel that offers a shuttle bus to Disneyland – as well as Bayside and Maihama.

It stops at the Tokyo Disneyland Bus Terminal. This goes to the park in the morning (until 1pm), but will return to the hotel all day – do check the exact times though, especially for the last bus.

Rooms & More: While it’s not specifically Disney-themed, there is some fun theming going on at this hotel, with cruise ship-themed rooms, castle rooms and more.

If you’re looking for somewhere fun to stay, you’re going to want to check this one out.

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay

They run a shuttle to Mahaima – the exact timetable is here. Weekday timings can be a bit sporadic though so, if it’s important for you to get the shuttle bus, rather than the monorail, definitely check this in advance and time arrivals/departures carefully.

Rooms & More: Gorgeous sea views and an enticing pool area make this a very popular place to unwind during your Disney trip. Rooms can sleep up to four people – but they do have some rooms with connecting doors if you’re travelling with a larger family, or older children.

Some of the rooms overlook the Disney parks and some of these may offer views of the fireworks at night.

Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel

The Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel runs two shuttle buses – one to Bayside Station and one to Maihama.

The one to Bayside station runs at 8-10 minute intervals in the morning, and 7-10 minute intervals the rest of the day. The bus to and from the station runs every 20 minutes. Find both timetables on this page.

Rooms & More: Rooms sleep up to four, but, they do offer connecting rooms which will increase the room capacity to up to six people – and, give you a room of 64 square metres!

Some rooms have sea views.

Hilton Tokyo Bay

The Hilton is the only hotel that doesn’t seem to publish it’s shuttle times online – maybe because it’s so close to Bayside station, it doesn’t need to. According to Trip Advisor though the shuttle runs every 10 minutes to and from Maihama Station.

Rooms & More: With a few different room styles on offer, you can find something for all tastes here. The Family Happy Magic Rooms sleep six – but more children can stay if you’re all willing to share a bed.

And oh, you should see the theming on that floor – it’s fantastic.

They do have an indoor pool – but, you do have to pay extra to use it. There’s also an outdoor pool that’s open in summer.

Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay

Their shuttle runs to and from Maihama – and, intervals vary depending if you’re staying in the week or at the weekend.

At weekends you can’t expect a bus around every 20 minutes, it’s less frequent in the week, and at this time it’s shared by the guests at the Sheraton Grande. You can find the exact timetable here.

Rooms & More: Rooms here sleep up to four – but a nice touch is their Japanese-themed rooms which offer tatami mat floors, futons laid out by your room attendant, and exclusive use of a hot spring bath – which might be handy after a long day at Disney!

3. Shuttles From the Tokyo Disney Resort Partner Hotels

The Partner Hotels include the Uruyasu Brighton Hotel Tokyo Bay, Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay, Hotel Emion Tokyo Bay, Matsui Garden Prana Tokyo Bay.

These are located a little further out from the resort, but, still in the general vicinity of Tokyo Disney Resort.

These are the hotels where you’re most likely to use the shuttle bus, to and from the parks so you’ll want to pick one with a good service, or, that is also near another form of transport in case you miss the bus.

Thankfully they all pretty much tick at least one of those boxes.

Where to Find Exact Shuttle Bus Details & More

Uruyasu Brighton Hotel

Their shuttle is large and does not need reservations.

It it runs at roughly 20 minute intervals in the peak hours going to or coming back from the park, but only once an hour during the middle of the day.

You’ll find the full timetable here.

It takes 17 minutes to reach the resort and it goes to both Disneyland and Disneysea.

If you do miss it or it’s full though, the hotel is right next to the Shin Uruyasu station which offers easy access to Tokyo Disney Resort by train so there’s no need to worry.

Rooms & More: Rooms are very large, the smallest is 32 square metres, the largest suites are 73 sq metres (but only sleep two adults, no kids). They have a lot of different room types – including some rooms that can sleep up to six people.

The whole hotel is non-smoking.

There are lots of restaurants and shops opposite the hotel. It’s also one of the few Disney-affiliated hotels in this area that has a pool, although as I write this in April 2023, it’s not operating – but, that will hopefully change as Japan relaxes more restrictions.

Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay

The Oriental Hotel proudly state that their shuttle departs up to 69 times a day.

It goes to both Disneyland and Disneysea and it runs every 20 minutes. It takes 15-30 minutes to get to the park depending on traffic.

Up to 70 people can travel on the bus – 37 seated, 33 standing, but they do say that it sometimes does get full – despite this, you can’t book it it’s first come first served.

Don’t fret though – like the Urayasa Brighton, the hotel is directly connected to Shin Urayasa station so you don’t need to worry if you can’t get on. You’ll easily get back to your hotel.

Rooms & More: Rooms are definitely family friendly with lots of bed configurations. They even have special rooms on two floors or the hotel that have been designed by mums!

Dads will be pleased too as there’s a British pub on site! You also have heaps of restaurants and shops on your doorstep.

Hotel Emion Tokyo Bay

Their shuttle bus is the most frequent in the busy morning hours departing roughly every eight minutes. At night, during the hours when people are most likely to leave the park it runs every 10 minutes. Find the timetable here.

Like the other buses from the Shin Urayasu area it takes 15 minutes to reach the parks and covers both Disneyland and Disneysea.

The bus can carry 70 people, but, right now they are running at a slightly limited capacity of 50 – that may change in the coming months as Japan tries to return back to normal.

The Emion is a little bit further away from Shin-Urayasu station than the previous two hotels, but it’s still only a 12-minute walk, or there are a couple of local buses that will get you there in 6-7 minutes.

Rooms & More: There are lots of different rooms types and depending which you pick, up to six people can stay in one room.

There aren’t many restaurants around the hotel itself, but, walk toward the station, and you’ll go past/through the busy shopping area Shin-Urayasu which is also full of restaurants if you haven’t had a chance to eat at Disney itself.

Mitsui Garden Prana Tokyo Bay

While this is still only a 15 minute drive from Tokyo Disney Resort it is not that near any PlanB kind of transport, so you’ll need to make sure you catch the bus, or be prepared for a walk.

The bus does run regularly though, about every 10 minutes in the peak morning and evening hours, and at 20 minute intervals during the day. Find the timetable here.

If you do miss the bus, it’s a 30-minute walk from Shin-Urayasu station – or, you can catch a local bus. The quickest one takes 13 minutes to get to the hotel.

Rooms & More: It’s another hotel with a lot of different room types, but, the larger rooms can sleep up to six people.

There’s also some categories of rooms that include a balcony or terrace.

The onsen-style bath on the top floor has beautiful views – and they’re trialing tattoo covering stickers which makes it possible to use if you have small tatts.

Check the rules for that here and, again before you book, if it’s important to you.

All of the above hotels are located fairly close to Tokyo Disney Resort, so, if you want proximity to the parks without the higher price tag that comes with staying on, or super close to the resort,, they are the ones you should pick – but, there are some hotels located in other areas of Tokyo that also offer Disney shuttles.

Shuttles From Tokyo Disney Resort Good Neighbor Hotels

These are located all over the city.

These include the Sotetsu Grand Fresa Tokyo Bay Ariake, Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo, Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel, Hotel East21 Tokyo, Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo, Dai-ichi Hotel Ryoguku, Hilton Tokyo Odaiba, Keisei Hotel Miramare and Hotel New Otani Makuhari.

The benefit of these hotels is that you get the best of both worlds – Tokyo on your doorstep, and, easy access to and from the Disney Parks.

You’d probably only use them if you’re just spending a day or two at Disney, and the rest of your time sightseeing.

If you’re spending more than two days at Disney, you might be prefer to base yourself nearer the park for those days to save traveling time.

Good Neighbor Hotel Bus Information & More

Here’s where to find the bus information for this type of hotel.

Sotetsu Grand Fresa Tokyo Bay Ariake

Their free Disney shuttle runs six times a day – three buses in the morning, three in the afternoon and reservations are required. Find the timetable here.

You can make reservations up to two months in advance, so you can do it the day you buy your Disney tickets (see more about Disney ticket types here)

It takes 25-40 minutes to reach the parks, depending on which one you’re visiting and traffic and they go to both DisneySea and Disneyland.

Rooms & More: Rooms can sleep up to four people using sofa beds and trundle beds. It’s handy for other transport and located close to the fun island of Odaiba, Small Worlds and teamLab Planets and Toyosu fish market, and a short train metro ride from the rest of Tokyo.

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

One of the most popular tourist hotels in Tokyo, this is located in Shinjuku so right in the middle of the action.

Their shuttle bus only runs twice a day (the exact times are here) – once in the morning to take you to the park, and once in the evening to bring you back, but the hotel’s central location means that if the timing doesn’t work for you, it’s easy to get the train to or from the park.

If you do get the bus, it takes about an hour to reach Tokyo Disney Resort. Reservations are required. You can book seats a month before the day you want to use the bus. There’s a dedicated phone line, or, you can use this form.

Rooms & More: As well as plenty of options for couples, or families of three, their four bedded family rooms are 46 square metres, and can also accommodate an extra rollaway bed if needed.

They do have a rooftop pool that’s usually open during the summer months – double check if it’s reopened before your stay.

Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel

They don’t clearly show their shuttle bus timetable, to find it, you have to go to the website where you also make seat reservations for the bus – but this reveals that there are three departures to Disney in the morning and three back in the evening.

The exact times depend on park opening and closing hours.

Reservations are essential and these open a month before the date you want to ride the bus. Use the link above to make these in advance.

It takes about 25 minutes to reach the park and the bus goes to both Disneyland and Disneysea.

Rooms & More: The hotel is also located close to the Odaiba area of Tokyo, and a short train ride into all the other sights you might want to visit.

The rooms are pretty compact, so check the sizes carefully – despite the snug size, they do have some rooms that sleep four.

Personally I’d say this one is better for singles or couples though.

Hotel East 21 Tokyo

It takes about 30 minutes to reach Tokyo Disney Resort from the Hotel East 21 – and reservations for the shuttle are essential.

There are three departures to the parks in the morning – and two back at night when the parks close. Find the exact times here toward the bottom of the page.

You can make reservations online, and they open on the 1st of the month two months before the day you want to travel. You can book online up to two days before the day you want to get on the bus – or, the Bell Captain at the hotel can take reservations later than this.

Rooms & More: This hotel isn’t in one of the obvious tourist areas, so might suit you if you’re looking for something a bit more local.

It’s just a 7-minute walk from the nearest station, Toyocho which will get you to Shinjuku in around 30 minutes and Asakusa in about 25.

They offer single and double rooms, and their special Family Rooms sleep up to four.

It also has an indoor pool.

Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo

This hotel has four buses to and from Disney a day – two in the morning, two in the evening (find the exact timetable here) and it takes about 25 minutes to reach the parks.

The bus is only open to hotel guests and requires reservations.

You must book the bus by at least 3pm the day before you want to use the bus. You can make reservations online up to 2 months before the day you want to go to the park.

Rooms & More: Book one of the rooms with fantastic views of Tokyo Skytree, or the Tokyo skyline, and you’ll have no doubt which city you’re in from the moment you wake up!

Most rooms sleep between 1-4 guests – if you need a bigger room there is the enormous 152sq metre Azuma suite which sleeps six!

Again, it’s not in an obviously touristy areas, but it has good train connections that will quickly take you to Tokyo Skytree and the sumo area of Ryogoku. You’re also only 17 minutes from Asakusa and about 40 minutes from Shinjuku.

Dai-ichi Hotel Ryoguku

The first Good Neighbor hotel where I can’t find any details of their timetable online – just a note on their webpage saying that they offer the free shuttle.

The good news is that their location directly across from a train station means even if you can’t get on the bus, it’s not the end of the world, you’ll still get to or from Disney fairly easily!

If you book this, make sure you email and ask about the buses before it gets too close to your trip, just so you can get organised.

Rooms & More: Rooms here can sleep up to four – and that includes their Japanese style rooms which include tatami floors and futons.

One thing to just be careful of if you do book here is that they do still have smoking rooms so make sure you book non-smoking if that’s important to you.

The hotel is located smack bang in the middle of Ryoguku, the atmospheric home of Sumo in Tokyo and, it’s easy to get around the city from here.

Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

This hotel is about a 20 minute drive away from the Disney Resort.

They don’t publish a timetable on their website, but there are at least two departures to and from the park each day – but, you need to reserve these in advance and so, if you want to stay here, definitely email the hotel when you book and ask for more details on the shuttle buses to ensure you don’t miss out.

The staff are super helpful and do speak good English so they’ll help you out that way.

If the shuttle timings don’t fit your plan, there’s just one train change between here and Maihama Station so this is one of the easier Good Neighbor hotels from which to reach the park by train.

Rooms & More: Located on the waterfront at Odaiba, this is surrounded by fun things to do – and, easy transport into the city.

The basic rooms only sleep two, but they do offer connecting rooms if you need more space. If you do all want to be in one room, then you’ll be looking at the Suite category which sleeps up to four.

There’s an indoor pool and rooftop whirlpools to relax in when you’re not sightseeing or at Disney

Keisei Hotel Miramare

Located about a 55 minute drive from Tokyo Disney Resort, their shuttle bus runs once a day to the park, and once back.

This was the only hotel that, when I was checking bus times had no seats left for buses within the next few days so, if you do book here, then make sure you book as far in advance as you can. But, I don’t think it’s necessarily the best choice…

Rooms & More: Rooms sleep a maximum of three people, but they do have connecting rooms in some categories.

This isn’t a great location for tourists as it’s actually east of Disneyland and so getting into Tokyo would be a huge process – it takes 75 minutes to get to Shinjuku.

It’s probably a lovely hotel, but not for the average tourist who also wants to visit Tokyo.

Hotel New Otani Makuhari.

The shuttle bus from here runs four times a day – twice in the morning, twice in the evening (exact times are here) and it takes around 30 minutes to reach Disneyland, and about another 15 minutes to reach DisneySea.

You do need to reserve and reservations can be taken from two months before the date you need the bus up until 6pm the night before.

Rooms & More: It’s not as far out as the Keisei, but the location of this hotel isn’t the most convenient as it’s slightly east of Disney meaning it’ll take a long time to get to the rest of Tokyo if you want to go sightseeing.

It could work as a base for your Disney stay though if you don’t find anything closer that works for you.

Rooms sleep two, only some of the suites can cater for three people.

The pools are fantastic though.

One Final Honorary Mention

There are a few other hotels close to Disney that offer shuttle buses that go to Maihama Station. However, we’re just going to highlight one of these are it really is an ‘only in Japan’ type experience and kids will absolutely love it.

Hen na Hotel Maihama Tokyo Bay

This is a robot hotel, which means you’ll be checked in by a dinosaur and your room assistant is a tiny robot, which will look very familiar to anyone who watched James May’s Our Man in Japan.

The Hen na Hotel offers six daily bus departures from the hotel to Maihama Station which is walking distance to Disneyland, or a short monorail ride to Tokyo Disneysea.

Find the exact times here.

It might not be an official Disney hotel, but it gets a mention here because it is such good fun will add a little extra special something to your trip.

So there you have it, our guide to hotels in and around Disney Resort that offer shuttle buses. If you do have any more questions (about hotels, Disney or anything else to do with your Tokyo trip), why not join our Facebook group and ask them there.

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